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RGM Gems: The Illiest

A playlist dedicated to the best in hip-hop music.

Added This Week:

LEVi – Lockdown
Blonde Wick – Hero
Jonathan Shapiro – Milestones
Kriswitak – Why You Lying
Ducce & J Bish – Like That
Daemon & Zech Biship – Speak on It
Savage the Poet, Mic Massive, & Akuma – Fuck Being Humble
ABSYTE & King Rem – EASE
Tony Humphries – Throw Some Hands
K Hus – You Got Served
Hvruna – too young
Wes Linden – Bet You Never Catch Me
N4TE – Chitter Chatter
Blonde Wick & US100AJ – Crazy
90k, NSRodd, Play Terae – Rack It Up
Ha$h & Will Guice – The Reason
Mic Strong & ANOYD – Talk Different
Merc – Genius
BAYLEY – Crash
Neeko Lsh & Tietoisuus – Newskool Enslavement
Autonomous Entity – Watch the Road
L E M F R E C K & MacOsare – Red Hot
James An – Mia Wallace
Ty Rell – Stuart Scott

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