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Lupe Fiasco – The Cool (Album Review)


In 2008, Lupe Fiasco was coming off perhaps one of the best hip hop albums of the decade in ‘Food & Liquor’. While ‘Food and Liquor’ was an album that covered a wide variety of subjects, ‘The Cool’ focused more on storytelling; an approach I think is perfect for him.



5. THE DIE (5/5)

Lupe Storytelling at it’s finest on “The Die!”  On it, he explains to the listeners what happened to the dead guy he was making references to on Food & Liquor’s ‘The Cool’. (Confusing? I know)



4. THE COOLEST (5/5)

“I love the LORD!” That’s a simple, but powerful way to start a verse.

The track is both deep and dark, as it starts off with Lupe talking about the things he loves, and the things he doesn’t love. One thing he loved was “Illmatic,” and one thing he didn’t love was “Stillmatic” (See how it works)

Lupe’s flow on this track is timeless! This ish is Hip-Hop in its purest form! Perhaps his best lyrics on this album.



 3. DUMB IT DOWN (5/5)

Not only one of my favorite Lupe Songs of all time, but one of my favorite rap songs of all time! The thing that’s so fascinating about this song is Lupe’s approach; he could’ve easily talked about how the people want him to dumb down his lyrics, but he decided to be complex with it instead. I salute the hell out of him for that.

I mean CMON people, listen to these lines by Lupe on one of his verses: “I’m brainless, which means I’m headless; like Ikaba Krane is/or foreplayless sex is, which makes me saneless/with no neck left to hang a chain with/ which makes me neckless less like a neckless theft and I ain’t use my head rest yet!” JEEZ!



Another powerful hit by Lupe! Supposedly this song is about Slim Thug. Random Much!

I love how the piano is going with Nicky’s voice.

I swear that in these songs Lupe makes you feel like you’re him!



 1. SUPERSTAR (5/5)

What more can I say about this track? It’s commercial, but deep. It’s simple, yet his verses are really complex. The fact that Lupe on the second verse is talking about a light that’s beaming and bouncing off numerous things is amazing!

Commercial fans love this song because of its chorus, and melody; Hip hop heads should love it because of his direction.

This is one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME! Also, Matthew Santos is phenomenal on it!




3. GO GO GADGET FLOW (4.7/5)

4. THE COOLEST (5/5)

5.  SUPERSTAR (5/5)

6. PARIS, TOKYO (5/5)

7. GOLD WATCH (4.9/5)

8. HI-DEFINITION (4.5/5)


10. INTRUDER ALERT (4.5/5)

11. STREETS ON FIRE (4.6/5)

12. LITTLE WEAPON (4.7/5)

13. GOTTA EAT (4.9/5)

14. DUMB IT DOWN (5/5)


16. THE DIE (5/5)

17. PUT YOU ON GAME (4.8/5)

18. FIGHTERS (5/5)

19. GO BABY (5/5)




Just to show you how much I love this album, back in the day, I had 4 copies of it (1 for my room, 2 for my car, and one for emergency purposes). I was that much of a fan of it, and here is why: For me, it made hip hop music feel like a Saturday morning cartoon, something that is highly unique. It’s almost like Lupe played the hero for his hood, which translated to music that was not only heard but felt.

This is definitely one of the best album I’ve heard in the last couple of years! If you like Kendrick’s concept albums, this is just as good. Lupe was a magician at this time, and it showed magnificently.



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