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Eminem – Relapse (Album Review)

In 2009, Eminem reached a new level of insane: He was a pill popping/lonely maniac that had an infatuation with rapping about rape, murder and serial killers. In his personal life, Eminem was dealing with depression, which probably kept him from recording an album for 4 years.

Historically, this album has been rated low from critics worldwide, as to many, it was so far left for even a diehard Eminem fan to listen to. But on the real, was it really that far left? OnceĀ you get past his stupid Scottish accent he tends to rap with, you’ll see this album does have some songs with great substance.




Eminem is definitely a sick ass! What makes a sane human being make a song like this? This song is literally what Bill Cosby was back in the day. On the track, he tells fake stories about encountering Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears, and how he told them each that he was gonna enjoy molesting and chopping them up. (Yikes)

Before you call me a sick ass for giving the song a favorable rating, hear me out: I strongly want to believe there is a message here… A message that these girls are getting molested by human beings, and how they need to be careful! (OK, I give up)



This is the only Groundskeeper Willie track I like from Eminem.

I feel like Eminem’s flow is incredible on this song! (despite the fact that his lyrics are ridiculous). The beat is very infectious, too.

You know what’s a shame? Nick Cannon stuck up for his ex-wife Mariah over this song, and as a result, he had to catch that fade by Eminem… well now he’s divorced.


3. MUST BE THE GANJA (4.2/5)

This song has that bop to it, however, it sounds like it was made on one of those toy pianos. (Remember the pianos that you can switch the type of sound it played? I had one as a kid – I made so many Souljaboy sounding beats on that thing! I could’ve been the next DJ mustard when i was younger!)

The Chorus is excellent, and Em’s flow is impressive. The biggest issue with the track is that his topic is pure buffoonery! If he would’ve stayed on the weed smoke vibe instead of talking about serial killers, this could’ve possibly been a club hit! (Then again, I’m sure this weird ass white man doesn’t want to be played in the clubs)



2. CRACK A BOTTLE (4.3/5)

Why wouldn’t this song be one of the top 5 songs from this album? It has three of the biggest rappers in the game rapping on it (Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Eminem).

So who had the best verse? Eminem, Eminem, or 50 Cent? (Cause Eminem clearly wrote Dr. Dre’s ish! We all know this, people!)

The song is goofy on the chorus, but not goofy enough to not take seriously (Unlike his other pure buffoonery songs like “Real Slim Shady” and “Ass like that”)

The beat has a circus-feel to it, and like the genius he is, Eminem’s rap style fits the beat perfectly.

What I love about combinations like this, is that each rapper has their own type of rap style attached to the song. It’s not like Migos where you can’t tell who is rapping on any verse… Hell, I can’t even tell who is who on the adlibs for a Migos song.



1. DEJA VU (5/5)

Along with “Beautiful,” this is the only song where Eminem is being honest and normal; it’s also one of the few songs where he doesn’t sound like Groundskeeper Willie.

The track opens up about his drug addiction, which was all the way real at the time. Other than his weird ass food cravings, the song is pretty simple. On it, he’s pretty much showing the world that he thought his drug addiction was normal, and didn’t understand why everyone wanted him to change. Overall, it is a very deep song.

I think the song is very heartwarming (believe it or not), and a good listen to someone who is battling addiction.




This album is very sloppy, and at times, the album is absolutely ridiculous. The one thing you’ll love about it is Eminem’s different flows, which are pretty impressive throughout. Other than that, if you aren’t willing to enter Eminem’s sick ass world, you will not enjoy this album.

Is it Eminem’s worst album? No, but this is where Eminem’s bid for top 5 rappers of all time was both solidified (Creativity and Flow) and put into question (Weird ass topics).




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