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Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (Album Review)

Lets start this review with a confession: When I first heard Kendrick Lamar, I wasn’t really feeling his style because I thought he sounded like just another gimmicky rapper from California who sounded way too similar to Cory Gunz (Which I despise). But after listening to a couple of his ‘Section 80’ Mixtape songs, I began looking at him a bit differently (Dare I say I started to see him as the 21st century version of a prophet?)

Yes Kendrick touts the same skinny jeans and stylish hairstyles like the youth of today, but if you listen to his messages, they could be interpreted as perpetually satisfying. With all that being said, I do recommend listening to the album straight-forward without skipping a track, however, my job today is to find the best five tracks from it.


5. MONEY TREES (5/5)

I love Kendrick’s flow on this track! It is careless, and extremely gangsta.

This track is a mobbin’ track, but at the same time has very smooth vibes.

I think Jay Rock is one of the corniest but most decent rappers ever.


Ok kids, it’s trivia time! If I told you Kendrick Lamar has one track that’s the softest, smoothest song of 2012, and it features a rapper, who would be the first one that comes to your mind? If you guessed Drake, then you are sadly correct.

Not too big a fan of tracks like this, but I cannot deny that it is good music!

Janet’s soft/soothing voice reminds me of baby lotion for some odd sexual reason.

Kendrick and Drake go back and forth on some playa s–t, and it sounds excellent.


Steve Urkel on the chorus ya’ll! Why doesn’t he just use his regular voice on it? If he did, this song would probably be even more of a classic.

Kendrick’s flow and lyrical substance is perfect. This is the one song that makes you think Kendrick Lamar went to Nas’s school of rap: It’s heartfelt, it’s raw, it’s passionate.

I love his two point of views on this track! from the point of view of clearly Ricky from Boyz in the hood on his first verse, and the point of view of Black Chyna in verse II!


Everyone knows how I feel about this song… I love it! I feel like it’s my anthem! I am nowhere near an alcoholic, but I have alcoholic-like tendencies, so wishing that there was an actual swimming pool full of liquor is one of my alcoholic tendencies.

This song is unique because it sounds like a radio hit, but at the same time, it shows it’s dark side. If you think he’s actually trying to glamorize liquor, you need to think outside of the box.


This song starts off kinda weird (Like On some martian s–t!), but once the beat drops, the nodding begins. It’s one of those smooth songs that you grab your drink, sit back and enjoy. Really smooth track overall.

Don’t you like the approach he took on the track? Like a 1990’s pimp! A Young black Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You messin’ with my vibe, you messin’ with my life!



How refreshing is it to have an artist who doesn’t have to feature the whole world on his album to make it good?

Overall, This album reads like a book: You have to listen to it from start to finish to fully gauge the amazing experience of it. Kendrick stayed consistent in his flow, his substance, and his approach. It’s an album that isn’t made to be marketed, it’s made to be heard by specific parties that are interested in the gloomy tales of a kid growing up in Compton.

This is not the type of album you blast in a car, it’s more like an album that you grab your earphones and do school work to.

This album will go down as timeless. It will become the standard of how to make a storybook album.

After listening to the album, the album cover with the busted up soccer mom car makes all the sense in the world.


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