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Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (Album Review)

When we all got a chance to listen to this album for the first time, the first thing we noticed was its sound: It seemed like the sound of the album catered to Drakes long term mission to solidify his spot in hip hop, therefore it seemed a bit darker than his other albums. At this time, Drake was that rapper that was clearly better than everyone else, but I never wanted to admit it; its almost like that sibling you got that beats you in everything, but you’ll never admit they beat you all the time until they beat your ass a couple times in a row… Well this album was the rod, and once you listened to it, that rod beat your ass!

I give you the top 5 track from the album, and give you my overall rating below!



5. USED TO (4.8/5)

This was the only track that was swirling around on the Internet before the albums release. I thought it was gonna be on Carter IV, but it ended up on this album, and it definitely fits it.

There might be a rarity on this song, and that rarity being that Lil Wayne might (and I mean by the chinny chin chin) have beat Drake on it. Drake beat him on the following songs to me:

Miss Me,
Believe Me,
I’m Goin in’,

(I’ma give Wayne Truffle Butter)

So I guess Drake had to let him get one. Sadly, Wayne has never blown out Drake on a song.


4. YOU & THE 6 (4.8/5)

‘You & The 6’ is a very heartwarming song by Drake about his mother. I can assure you of one thing: Drakes mother isn’t Nigerian…. You can never use the aggressive tone he’s speaking to her with on a Nigerian mother! If it was my mother, she would’ve slapped the hell out of me, and said “If you ever talk to me like that, I would throw you out of three windows!” (That’ll actually be a nice response from her).

I like the song because the theme is pretty cool; On the song, Drake is giving us listeners a view from his side of the phone when he has conversations with his mother. You don’t see songs like this often, therefore, I feel like people tend to connect with it more.

3. ENERGY (5/5)

‘Energy’ is all in your face! It’s like giving a black Dennis the Menace the mic to rant. Drake sure is good at venting on the mic right?

Lyrically, there’s nothing spectacular about the track, but the tenacity he’s rapping with is what makes it a classic.

I am not his enemy, and I can care less about his energy – His money and his women I will take however.

2. 10 BANDS (5/5)

’10 Bands’ is the infamous Quentin Miller reference track. If Meek Mills claims of Quentin Miller writing this track is true, Quentin Miller is a hell of a rapper!

This track flows perfectly! It seems like Drake is rapping to the beat exactly how it should be rapped to right? I know that sounds simple, but try telling Lil Yachty to do that, and you’ll see how it’s not easy! It’s like every hard hit the beat gives you (Which is many), Drake gives a good line.

I have a few beefs with his lyrics…

In the six cooking with the wrist motion? Bleu DaVinci references? him having bandz? This coming from a boy that was in Canada making Saturday afternoon ‘Saved by the bell’ type television shows. I’m not saying that Drake definitely didn’t write it, I’m just saying lemme hear AC Slater on the mic.


Ironically, the song is called “Know Yourself”, but it’s rumored to be written by someone else!

Anyway, the song is very personal, as he talks about his supposed woes he had in Toronto, Canada….I repeat, Drake had “woes” in Toronto, Canada… I wonder what those woes were? Was one of his woes that his starbursts pack only had 2 red flavors in it? Or was one of his woes that his parents Benz was broken so he had to get dropped off in the Buick? Poor Drake.

Other than my obvious sarcasm, I think this song is a very good one! It’s tough, it’s gully, it’s unique! It’s definitely one of Drakes best songs to date.


1. LEGEND (4.7/5)
2. ENERGY (5/5)
3. 10 BANDS (5/5)
5. AIN’T NO TELLIN’ (4.7/5)
6. MADONNA (4.7/5)
7. 6 GOD (4.5/5)
8. STAR67 (4.8/5)
9.PREACH (4.6/5)
10. USED TO (4.8/5)
11. 6 MAN (4.6/5)
12. NOW & FOREVER (4/5)
13. COMPANY (4.5/5)
14. YOU & THE 6 (5/5)
15. JUNGLE (4.6/5)
16. 6PM IN NEW YORK (4/5)



Drake is a trash-talking, braggadocios asshole on this album, but you know what? We love the bad guy, so we soak it all up!

Musically, Drake just understands what it takes to make a good song: The melodies, the flows, the content. Hate him or love him, you can’t deny that Drake might have the best understanding of what hip hop listeners want in Hip hop history.


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