Heaven Only Knows

Rev Peter Unger – Heaven Only Knows (Review & Stream)


Reverend Peter Unger is a Christian artist that was a finalist in the International song writing committee in his past, so you know he has an impressive ability to reach the ears of the people that are willing to accept the LORD’s word. With this new song titled “Heaven Only Knows,” Peter is able to channel this contemporary sound that is very easy on the ears.

While the tone of the song is a gentle one, you can’t help but feel its powerful vibes. The energy you get from both his voice and the production resonates, and the message relating to the LORD’s word does too.

Content-wise, Mr. Ungers wordsĀ areĀ honest, relatable, and up-lifting — This isĀ anĀ approach that I think bodes well for anyone who is going on this journey to become better acquainted with the LORD.

Vocally, Mr. Unger understands exactly when and where he needs to amp up his harmonization, which is a telltale sign of a great writer.

Overall, I think this song is food for the soul! It’s soothing, and necessary for anyone who needs some sort of positivity in their life.

To hear this song and more from Peter Unger, Click Here!




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