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Justin Bieber – Purpose (Album Review)

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Justin Bieber had one goal in mind when he created “Purpose,” and that was to seek redemption for all the stupid s–t he was doing since his last album. As a result, Justin made a collection of songs that asked for the listeners forgiveness. I’m OK with this, because sometimes the best music is the ones that come from an emotional place.





“All In It” is yet another feel good song for the Biebs! It sounds a lot like something from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. The premise of the song is sappy, but in an inspirational way…..Sorta like a black pastor!



4. NO PRESSURE (4.7/5)

Is that you Big Sean? Didn’t your boy Biebs sleep with your girl? Not that I saw them in the bed together, but the way Biebs was sniffing her ear at that concert, he at least facebook poked her!

This song sounds a bit like Wale’s ‘Contemplate’ and J. Cole’s ‘Never Told,’ to me. I know that comparison makes no sense, but it does in my head!

Putting no pressure on people you care about is the best sign of generosity, especially when you’re at Chipotle. If you put pressure on the workers there, one side of your burrito is gonna have nothing but rice (I hate that s**t so much!).



3. HIT THE GROUND (4.7/5)

This is a nice little song the vegans of the world will like. It makes you feel good, and it also makes you want to get acquainted with some hippie at that weird white people club you decided to attend in the nowheresville of your town.

Aren’t you glad that this type of music is in the forefront? It’s high in quality and there is several different elements to it.




“Where Are You Now” sounds like several other songs on this album, however, it has a little more umph. On it, Justin is allowed to play second fiddle to the instrumental (This means primarily ad-lib), and since this is the case, I would’ve loved Puff Daddy on it instead of Justin (I’m showing significant sarcasm).



1. SORRY (5/5)

Doesn’t “Sorry” sound like a Nigerian song to you? Like some P-Square or Wizkid? Maybe that’s why I love it so much! It almost feels like Justin is saying Sorry on an island somewhere while drinking palm oil.

Doesn’t the songs on this album read like a big ass misunderstanding? First it’s “What do you mean?” Then it’s “Where are you now?” And now it’s “Sorry.” Do like I do Justin, If there is any type of misunderstanding between you and your girl, tell her you’re going to the car real quick and don’t come back for two hours! When you come back, change the subject completely!




Overall, Purpose is pretty good! My only beef (well not beef, lets say gripe) with this album is that many of the songs sound too sappy for my liking! Though heartbreak does make for good music, too much of it could kind-of be monotonous.

Techno/up tempo tracks are the lanes Justin Bieber should continue to take!

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