Ty Dolla $ign – Free TC (Album Review)

Ty Dolla Signs debut album ‘Free TC’ was long anticipated by many. The anticipation stemmed from his frequent appearances on other artists tracks, and his critically acclaimed Mixtapes. In this industry that predicates success to the ‘things you’ve done for me lately’, Ty Dolla Sign has been given a chance to impress us with a timeless album to prove his worth in the game. 



This track is beautiful! It’s what the album is all about. The song is a bond between Ty and his brother (that’s in jail) through music.

I feel like this track is almost like a hood gospel; you can just feel the power of the track from the beginning to the end. Unfortunately, part of it was recorded from jail, so the quality is not necessarily the best.

I wish I was able to do a song like this when I went to jail for like 15 min!

4. LA (4.5/5)

Wait a minute ain’t that Ray-J’s sister?! I haven’t heard from Brandy since the video where she faked like she was a homeless man! Anyway, Ty made sure to keep her part very simple….Thanks Ty!

This is an anthem for LA, similar to Dr. Dre’s whole ‘Compton’ album. Ironically, just like Dr. Dre’s album, Kendrick Lamar is all over this track too.


This is that one track that every R&B artist tends to have. On ‘Horses in a Stable’, Ty takes the key elements of R&B, and adds his own identity and approach to it. This track is smooth, and the melody is on point.

(Picture Chris Brown loyal with R.Kelly type R&B elements.)

2. BLASE (4.9/5)

On the real, who doesn’t love this song? Who doesn’t jump out the corner of the club you’re at and look for your friend to push them when this song comes on?

  • The beat is infectious.
  • Futures voice is just right to set the tone.
  • Ty Dolla Sign adds his swag to the track, with a nice flow to keep you jumpin’.
  • Rae Shrebert ice cream (Sremmund) kill it with their sarcastic/what the hell is a kid doing in the club swag.

The song is just wild and spontaneous enough to put anyone aged below 37 on their feet.


In my opinion, The Weeknd sky rocketed to a household name when he released “Can’t Feel My Face”. ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ is uptempo, and displayed a versatility that many didn’t believe he had. This track has that same type of energy, versatility, and quality. It’s pop, but pop that any thug can still dig. It puts you in a good mood, and makes you look at Ty Dolla Sign a little different than you did before you heard it.



It’s a very solid debut album for Ty. It’s exciting, it’s well written, and he stays in his lane. Ty Dolla Sign delivers exactly what you want to hear from him!


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