Adrian Marcel – Weak After Next Reloaded (Mixtape Review)

For those of you who are familiar with the weird hair-styled/lighter skinned Jidenna aka Mr. 2 AM – Adrian Marcel, you will be very pleased that you’ve found this page! Also, if you happen to be a fan of Raphael Saddiq, live instruments on songs and traditional R&B, AGAIN – you’ll thank me later.

The Weak after Next Reloaded mixtape boasts a diverse blend of tracks that displays why Adrian Marcel is a very dynamic vocalist and musician. He delivers powerful love songs and edgy lyrics that make you think he’s a talented singer from the hood (August Alsina) on one song and a heartbroken father of 3 on the next. All in all, he manages to find balance throughout his songs which will leave you with a sense of musical satisfaction to your ears. With this collection of songs, he may not be underrated for too much longer. Now let’s get into the top 5 songs from the mixtape!


 5. PIECES (4.3/5)

This is arguably the most complete song on the tape; it has great lyrics, a great chorus, and phenomenal vocals. This genre of R&B needs wayyy more notoriety for its musical originality and grace. Adrian Marcel sings about heartache in his relationship, while asking his woman: “How I am I supposed to pick up the pieces of his heart?”. Some chick clearly broke his heart just before he recorded this one!

P.S: Bruh you’re a “famous” singer, just play her “Just For Me” and she should fall right in line!

What do y’all think?? Agree or disagree?

You be the judge! Here is the link:

 4. TIMELESS (4.4/5)

The delivery and chorus on this song is timeless…or should I just say top notch amongst R&B singers. Why doesn’t this mulatto get enough recognition for his undeniable talents? This love song displays his typical love induced lyrics, and quest to express to his woman how much he loves her soul. The beat and instruments make this song a great one.



This is definitely a standout song on this mxtape! The song has a very smooth and chill vibe that shows Adrian Marcel’s dynamic vocals. Adrian Marcel and Raphael Saddiq proceed to tell these pretty women that they are the type of dudes that they have been searching for all their lives. This song is a great example as to why Raphael Saddiq is vouching for Adrian Marcel so much. Saddiq’s, neo-soul R&B influence is very apparent on this one. Lastly, Snoop Dogg’s weed induced flow is exactly what this song needed to be complete…so smoke somethin, b**tch! (Pimp C voice).

2. NEW NIGGAS (4.8/5)

So understandably, the name of this track attached to an R&B singer like Adrian Marcel could be considered an oxymoron, but once you get past the buffoonery Maury clip in the beginning of the song, you will be happy you waited it out!

Ladies, stop watching Love & Hip-hop, Real Housewives and HGTV for a minute and vibe with me real quick. There is a fine line between sticking with your relationship expectations in response to an unsuccessful relationship (stubborn and ego driven option) and making adjustments to your relationship expectations to achieve a successful relationship (realistic and understanding option). Regardless of your approach, Adrian Marcel says: “You gotta find love inside, before you find it in these new ni**as”. This is a very powerful and uplifting message that many women need to hear from other woman……but more importantly men. Don’t allow these scumbags to sell you a dream….unless your dream coincides with getting that rutabaga thrashed!!!

1. JUST FOR ME  (5/5)

Finally some hard rap beats!!!! For some reason when Mr. Marcel does his thing over “rap beats” magic happens every time. The melodic chorus in the beginning of the song sets the tone for this experience. His edgy lyrics are like gold. He very simply and candidly expresses that his chick(s) will pop that rutabaga for a goon…..on demand!

Let’s just put it this way – if Ty Dolla $ign could sing, this song would be the result!


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