Chris Brown – Royalty (Album Review)

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Chris Brown has been releasing albums like hotcakes lately! This particular album is a little more personal for him though, as it’s titled after his daughter Royalty. In case you don’t feel like listening to the whole album, I give you the top 5 songs to look out for.


5. ZERO (3.9/5)

How old are we again? This track is probably the equivalent to Jim Jones “Na na boo boo” song; with that being said, it is the defacto number 5 song because the other tracks just do not quite stand out like this one (aka the other tracks on this album can be ignored..)

4. WRIST (4.6/5)

It just starts off ratchet as hell! Why everyone feel like they can rap like Future? Like why do people think they can sound exactly like someone else and be successful? Dude on the track sounds like Migos and Future! Once you get past that plagiarism, it turns out to be a good futuristic (no pun intended) type of ratchet song!

3. MAKE LOVE (4.6/5)

Nice, chill, old school vibe type track (Almost like something from the 70’s). I Didn’t realize Chris’s vocals can get there! I mean up there with the best of them!

So lemme get this straight….Chris wants to drink and F–k (liquor), and F–k her back to sleep (Back to Sleep)……Then he makes a song called “Make love”? Even his damn johnson is bipolar!

2. LIQUOR (4.7/5)

Obviously it’s a good song, and there is a reason he released it as his single: It’s catchy, and it’s straight to the point. Who doesn’t have adventures with liquor sometimes?

I don’t know about you, but excessive drinking usually correlates with erectile dysfunction…. So I’m not too sure about the words in the chorus.

1. BACK TO SLEEP (4.8/5)

There is a new trend of R&B singers being vulgar, explicit, and straight to the point. F– her straight to sleep! While she’s asleep, I’m going to watch some SportsCenter highlights as she lays there unmoving.
I like the track, but at the same time, I’m kinda scared of where this trend is taking R&B. I don’t want my R&B singers with the same swag as Plies!



You would think an album dedicated to his daughter would be better than this, but it’s not! Too much gimmicky music that seems a bit rushed to me.

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