Tyga – Rawwest N—a Alive (Mixtape Review)

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Tyga sure does release a lot of material doesn’t he? It’s refreshing though, because nowadays it seems like it’s hard to find artists who actually like to do music.

Though Tyga seems to be entering in Kardashian step brother status, his ability to rap hasn’t quite wavered yet. My only issue with Tyga is that he doesn’t seem to grow – he should strive to be better than his last project, but it seems like he goes backwards at times. This Mixtape does promise to be something different, so lets go ahead and find the top 5 from it!



The song is simple, heartfelt, and a hustlers anthem! Everybody eats, which means everybody gets rich if I get rich. Damn that! Not everybody! I got a couple people that I may give a few gift cards to, but that’s about it.

I enjoy Tygas honesty on the track seems real, and Goapele (Who I haven’t heard from since Rush Hour 1 came out) has a short but sweet part on the song.

4. GCU$I (4/5) 

The beat sounds amateur, but the song relies more on the vocals so it doesn’t even matter.
I know many people wouldn’t admit that this is one of the hottest songs on the Mixtape because he’s singing, but F human beings, this song is hot! Dare I say Tyga sounds pretty good as a singer? He has a very soothing and pleasant voice. (Tyga > Stevie Wonder)
This song is very well written. The structure, the chorus, and the bridges are excellent. Only if Tyga was talking about something meaningful as opposed to a damn Jacuzzi, then I’ll give it a higher score.

3. BALLER ALERT (4.5/5)

This track has the best features on the Mixtape, as Rick Ross and Tity 2 Chains make guest appearances. This is good cause I was getting a little tired of  hearing from only Tyga and his Ritchie Rich life ass.

2 Chainz has a very good verse on this song,  staying on the subject, providing good energy, and being hella witty. Don’t you just like how 2 Chainz raps? He raps like he’s in the passenger side of a car trying to get directions from someone in the car next to them while they’re driving on the highway.

Rick Ross verse is uninspiring. Dude wrote his verse immediately after he woke up.

 I like the theme, as its based on the true stories of a stripper. Here is the premise: These strippers are trying to make money from 3 rappers, so they are getting ready to have their best performance; this means they put on that good thong, lotion up their ashy elbows, and take an abundant amount of drugs so that they can pretend to be attracted to Rick Ross for a night.

2. DOPE’D UP (4.5/5)

I like this track! The beat is dope, and it fits his tone and approach. The chorus plays like an old school track in which the rappers approach is simple.

The temperature of the song has a darkness/twisted feel to it (Might as well call the track Greg Hardy) which definitely fits his approach.
What makes the song appealing is that it’s catchy as hell! You can bop to it.
Yea Tyga at times is a cornball, but you can’t deny his song presence! He raps like he’s supposed to be one of the greats, and on this song he exhibits that.


1. ICE CREAM MAN (4.9/5)

‘Ice Cream man’ is a lot of fun. In this song, Tyga is rapping a bit gimmicky, but still hella catchy. Like it or not, there isn’t many rappers that can rap like this. This level of uselessness is impressive.

I wouldn’t call what I’m hearing swag, I would call it a song by a nerd who somehow got money. It’s very tight though.


This Mixtape is pretty authentic music, as for the most part, Tyga has done away with all that phony baloney stuff he tends to talk about lately. The beats are nothing spectacular, but appropriate for his approach. I think this would’ve been a pretty good album, however, an artist like Tyga would benefit more from releasing a great Mixtape cause no one is paying 10.99 to buy anything from him.
There is no reason Tyga shouldn’t be raps elite. Maybe this elevates him a little more into that category. UPDATE: It didn’t.

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