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Surprisingly/not so surprisingly, Future drops another Mixtape in the first month of 2016! At this point, it’s safe to say Future is the hardest working artist in the game right now. What makes this Mixtape unique from his others is that it follows two of his most successful projects in “What time to be alive”, and “Dirty Sprite”.


5. PURPLE REIGN (3.9/5)

Whenever Metro Boomin’ and Future collaborate, it is a perfect combination! Metro knows his style, and doesn’t care if a beat he makes for him sounds like everything else that he makes for him. Pretty much, they abuse the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

The chorus lacks creativity (Surprise, Surprise), but it does have some passion to it. This song really does make you think he needs his girlfriend right? Til you realize that this Girlfriend of his is probably codeine, and if they meet up, his heart will be racing (like literally)……She still better for him than Ciara though!



The beat, the vibe, and the style of the song sounds like every Future song he’s made in his life; but it’s what people want to hear, so I’m gonna act like this is the first time I heard a Future song that sounds like this.

What I do like about this track is its theme: She got a chance to taste the high life, and we get to see how she acts after; how should she act though? Like if she’s too pressed and smiling all in your face, will that suffice? Or should she look like she been there before? whichever decision it is, I know what you don’t do – tattoo his name on your hand after one day of sleeping with him…. (cough cough Black Chyna.)



To me, this track just comes across as someone “keepin’ it real”, which I really like when rappers do. Though the chorus is simple, you can still feel the passion from it. The Percoset is calling Future, which highlights his struggle with drug usage. I rely on several things in my life such as my Crock Pot, but I don’t hear it calling my damn name!

The beat has an urgency to it that Future matches with his flow and delivery. He excels on this song, as it is his most useful one on the Mixtape.

2. WICKED (5/5)

This song sounds like it could’ve been on “What a time to be alive”.

The beat is definitely the showcase of the song, however, Future does make it hot with his nice tone and approach to the track. The chorus could use some work, but who cares, this beat is bumpin’ hard!

1. NO CHARGE (5/5)

This is a club record. This is a stripper bouncin’ on the pole record. This is also a leg day workout type of record. Who else can make a track that covers all bases like this?

Future sure understands how to kill a chorus by stretching out certain lines, and tying different sounds together. Hendrix stretches out the “noooooo charge” part like a genius! As for his content and verses……Who cares what hes saying, this big booty girl is already twerking on me!


The Mixtape is a follow-up to Future’s extremely favorable album DS2: It has similar beats, similar flows, and similar subject matters. He doesn’t experiment much on the Mixtape, but he does seem to add some clever themes to his music. Though I complain about his choruses and beats sounding too similar to one another, I do appreciate that fact that he knows his sound and doesn’t venture from that.

Enjoy the album as a club banging compilation, but hold him accountable if his music continues to sound like this next time.

UPDATE: It still does, as EVOL was blah.

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  1. We got the same exact top 5 in the same exact order. No charge is incredible just wished they put it on Spotify again.

    1. I love when we have similar top 5s. “Purple Reign” is an olllllllllld post, so my apologies on the bad everything from me lol

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