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Early Saturday morning (2/6/2016 to be exact), Future dropped an album named ‘EVOL’; This is Future’s second project in the last two weeks, and his 5th project in the last year span. You wanna know my theory? Future knows that his 35 minutes of fame could run out any day now, so he’s gonna release projects as much as he can. In the mean time, can this album stack up nicely with his other projects that were released? Lets find out…



5. LIL’ HAITI BABY (4.4/5)

‘Lil’ Haiti baby’ is a bit different than what you are used to hearing from Future. ‘Lil’ Haiti baby’ has a slower tempo than usual, and it has those monumental horns that you would typically find on a Young Jeezy beat. It’s storytelling (somewhat), and allows for this album to have that complete body of work feel to it (You need a break from all that damn FIRE right?).

4. AIN’T NO TIME (4.5/5)

Future starts his album with fire every time! Yes ‘Ain’t no time’ sounds like your typical Future beat that bumps, but the chorus is what’s extremely catchy!

I feel like Future freaks beats like these all the time…. Do you understand how hard it is to freak a beat? It’s tough! You gotta understand it’s vibes, it’s highlights, and from there you figure out how you want to approach it. This s–t is a talent.


3. IN HER MOUTH (4.5/5)

Future is rapping hard on this track! Lyrically, it may not be the best, but at least you can understand what he’s saying! He’s going after the DA, the prosecutor, and everyone at Manitowoc county that got my n—a William Avery locked up.

What I love about this track is its tempo. The soulful sound on the chorus while Future is rapping is also a highlight.

2.  MAYBACH (5/5)

‘Maybach’ is really good! As soon as the beat drops, competition is over.

Future’s approach to the beat is phenomenal, as he’s rapping nonstop, going bar after bar, ignorance after ignorance. Future keeps the same melody throughout the track, and I’m not even sure he takes a damn breath on this song.


1. LOW LIFE (5/5)

By adding The Weeknd to this song, you have two of the best singers in the game right now on one track (Which is a damn shame)!

‘Low life’ is a track that caters to The Weeknd, as it has that soulful/fantasy sound to it. It’s mellow, and it’s extremely high in quality.

Future adds his own flavor to the song, giving us this extremely catchy flow to his verse. Future is also VERY clear on the song, as he finally shows us some good annunciation.


HOT:  Lil’ Haiti Baby, Ain’t No Time, In Her Mouth, Maybach, Xanny Family, Seven Rings, Program.

MEH: Photocopy, Lie To Me.




First and foremost, the beats on this album are EXCELLENT! On my Young Thug I’m Up review, I said Young Thug picks the best beats nowadays……Future definitely has something to say about that with this album! Surprisingly the beats are a little more versatile on this joint, but at the same time, it still has elements that allow Future to succeed.

Yea the beats are good, but you need someone to freak it right? Future does just that. No it’s not a lyrical album, but he knows how to cater to the other things such as melody, flow, and overall approach to a track really well.

The album is extremely solid, and will be played for the rest of the winter, spring and summer. I do anticipate another album from him soon though, as this one seems a lot like an appetizer to me.

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