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Melvin Fromm Jr.-Box Out Bad Roads to Life (and More)(Review & Stream)

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Melvin Fromm Jr. has released three new tracks that are each great energy-wise – See my reviews of each below.


‘GOD given skills in Love’ is an extremely spunky track, as it combines a brass of sounds that give off this vintage summertime feel. While you can certainly hear the electricity in the music, to me, it also has this calming sound that makes it a good listen during a time of relaxation.


‘Old Fashion Hardwork Love’ is as romantic as it’s going to get from the crew, as it gives off this sound that reminds me a bit of the music that a bride walks out to on her wedding.  The usage of the violin on this song is absolutely chilling, so both the light percussion and guitar contributions playing the background is very fitting to me.

I might just have to keep this song on repeat on my next date night.


I think ‘Box out Bad Roads to Life’ is a brilliant track that reminds me of the background music you would hear in a comedic movie. Like ‘God Given Skills in Love’, this song has this spunky sound to it, giving the listeners a flashback to the groovy music of the 70’s. What I find most impressive about this song is that the group knows exactly which instruments they need to use to create this whole nostalgic sound – this tells me they have an advanced understanding of how to create a particular sound.


Once again, Mr. Melvin Fromm Jr. and his band has shown this ability to be versatile when it comes to music. These three new tracks will put you in a romantic mood, a dance mood, and an overall happy mood, which is how I think music should be all the time.

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