Kyle – I Spy (Ft. Lil Yachty) (Review & Stream)

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You know what I like about this Kyle dude? He seems to make Hip Hop sound fun again… Let’s make Hip Hop fun again guys!

If there ever was a Nickelodeon sounding track that was made, it is definitely this one! Kyle’s youthful persona is adorable, but at the same time he actually is spittin some clever bars. There is a place for this guy in Hip Hop.

Lil Yachty fits this song perfectly, as he has become the poster boy for youthful music. Nothing spectacular is said on his verse, just his character being smeared throughout the track.

You know why that cutie you spied on doesn’t have that many likes? Because n—az be tip toeing, making sure they don’t double tap her pic like s–t!


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