Drake – Take Care (Album Review)

I don’t think anyone will argue that ‘So Far Gone’ was a very good Mixtape, however, ‘Thank Me Later’ wasn’t a very good album to me. ‘Thank Me Later’ was Drake’s debut album, and much like Wiz’s debut album after a fire Mixtape, there was some industry influence attached to it. Well this album is definitely Drakes redemption album, as he scrapped the cliche music, and decided to go back to his roots.



While the tracks that are the standouts are pretty much obvious on this album, there are a lot of filler tracks that creates this divide in what everyone thinks is their top 5 – ‘Cameras’ in my opinion is the best filler track.

On this song, Drake does his little robot sounding voice, which means you knew he was going to kill s–t lyrically! He’s monotone, he’s unfazed, and he’s rapping with a complete dismissive attitude. This song is one of the last true heartbreak Drake records to me.

The chorus gives me the chills, as it has this singer on it that reminds me of those old school teenage R&B singers that sung cause their parents beat them if they didn’t.


‘Shot For Me’ is a smooth track by Drake in which he gets a chance to serenade his lady with this very catchy sound. Content-wise, Drake is as cocky as ever, as he reminds his woman that he made her who she was by using that whole ‘I am popular now and I told you I was going to be’ nonsense.

Isn’t it funny how on the R&B parts of this song Drake is cocky as hell, but on the rap part he is a little more mushy sounding? That is definitely f–kin backwards.

There was a time where Drake was literally the only one who could make a song like this: A track that is equally effective both rap and R&B wise.


Take away the fact that both Drake and Rihanna are megastars in the game, and that this song comes across as a cheesy attempt to get people interested in their silicone fake relationship, and you will realize that this is actually a perfect song! Yes it’ll make the birds in the trap croak, but when you decide to make a track that is easy on the ears, you’ll come up with this.

This song is a somewhat of a duet between both female artists, as they bring out the deep feelings in each other through every line. you can hear the passion from each artist, and us as listeners can only hope this tension doesn’t manifest itself into a pillow fight.

I love the changes in emotion on this song! It’s like everything about the song just feels theatrical.


You got a bit of an inkling that The Weeknd and Drake would be taking over the industry upon hearing this song, so I knew firsthand that this collaboration would probably be something we would have to cherish; This is hell of a record to leave us with.

I’ve always viewed this song as The Weeknds song featuring Drake – why is this you ask? Well first off, he sets the tone, as he grabs the attention of the listeners almost immediately with this ballad like introduction. The first time I heard his part, I was immediately astonished at how he could sound so gentle, yet have some rapper like lyrics… It’s definitely something I haven’t heard since Montell Jordan was poppin’.

Drake allowed for The Weeknd to do his thing on this song, and simply hopped on it to add the rap element to it. He’s very consistent with his approach, as he comes across as that one dude that brought his potential girlfriend to the fellas table at the club.


‘Marvin’s Room’ is perhaps the best R&B song by a rapper ever! On this song, Drake was somehow able to morph himself from a hard spitting rapper, to this sympathy seeking R&B singer that sounds suicidal. While I enjoy this aspect of the song a lot, that is not what makes the song a classic to me – what makes this song a classic to me is its melody: The melody on this song is so good that it feels like you’ve heard it before.
Drake is going through the emotions on all of his verses, as he is intent on pestering this unknown girl that isn’t worried about him (apparently). He tries to get her attention by moping, being a little aggressive, and by doing something stupid like stepping up to her current boyfriend that I am assuming is dark skinned. It reminds me of those club nights where you didn’t get any love from the scalawags, so you call your ex with your belligerent drunk ass!
It’s a unique track by Drake whether us tough guys like it or not. It shows the sensitive side that us thugs may not always be willing to show.


1. OVER MY DEAD BODY (4.7/5)
2. SHOT FOR ME (5/5)
3. HEADLINES (4.5/5)
4. CREW LOVE (5/5)
5. TAKE CARE (5/5)
8. WE’LL BE FINE (4.8/5)
9. MAKE ME PROUD (4.5/5)
10. LORD KNOWS (4.5/5)
12. DOING IT WRONG (4.3/5)
13. THE REAL HER (4.8/5)
16. PRACTICE (4.3/5)
17. THE RIDE (4.5/5)



Out of all the projects Drake has released, this album has the best balance of Rap and R&B to me. Drake flexes his singing skills through a variety of genres such as pop, soul, and R&B; I’m not saying he’s a modern day Luther on this album, but he does create some R&B music that is at least meaningful.

Drake doesn’t forget about his goons on this album, as he released a few songs like ‘Underground Kings’ and ‘We’ll be Fine’ that has bars that can go against any one of your favorite rappers.

To be honest, I don’t know why this album doesn’t get more recognition from hip hop fans everywhere. I think lyrically Drake is at his finest on this album, and he was able to create some of the most dynamic R&B tunes in the last couple of years. I can honestly say you will never get to hear a Drake album like this again, especially since he’s been hanging out with trappers as of late.

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  1. True. Music always sounds better when singer makes it about the things they really care and understand, not just following the market and the crowd. Let's check out the dates of the Drake Uk tour 2017, and let's hear if he learned his lesson.

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