Migos – Call Casting (Review & Stream)

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There is absolutely no reason why this song will not be a hit in the next couple of months; Migos are on fire!

I might be speaking some blasphemy here, but I think ‘Call Casting’ might be better than ‘Bad and Boujee’…. They are both great songs, but something about ‘Call Casting’ is extra special to me.

Offset opens up the song, laying down both a fire chorus and a tone-setting first verse. he raps with his usual tongue twisting flow, but something about those piano notes adds this riveting sound to it.

Quavo has the second verse, and his wit is what carries him throughout. He’s rapping tough on it, leaving the harmonizing and the Auto-tune at home. Has his voice become one of the more recognizable ones in the game now?

Is that you Takeoff? I forgot how you sounded bruh! His verse lacks the appeal of the other guys, but it still follows Migos flow.

This s–t goes hard fam!


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