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Riff Raff – Test Drive (Review & Stream)


There’s simply not enough Riff Raff on this site!

I F–ks with Riff Raff for sure! He just has this style that really stands out to me (I’m not trolling on this one either). On this song, Riff Raff decides to use his signature animation over the soothing California sounding beat. While I like his swag on the track, he may need Quentin Millers guidance to get a more consistent flow on songs.

Did Riff Raff manage to recruit ‘Kush & Orange Juice’ Wiz on this!? The beat definitely caters to ‘Kush & Orange Juice’ Wiz… ‘Kush & Orange Juice’ Wiz is the s–t!

This could be one of the better songs Riff has made to date.


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