Melvin Fromm Jr. -3 Sunshine Maker Love (And More)

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Melvin Fromm Jr. and his friends has released three songs that cover a wide variety of feelings on this glorious Saturday! 



‘Really Sharp For Drea’ is a very exciting song that has a wide variety of sounds that reaches the listeners in a unique way! Much like their previous songs, the band will get you off your feet, as the energy forces itself into your body with each note that is delivered from the many instruments involved. It’s another track that reminds me of the old school music from back in the day from soundtracks like ‘Back To The Future’.



‘3 Sunshine Maker Love’ is a track by the band that creates this sound that makes you want to get married (Like literally right now)! The Violin is amazing, and the drums compliment the violin exactly how I want it to. This is the type of song that you grab your wife on and let her know that you love her and that you want to dance with her until the sun comes out.

Overall, it’s soothing, but at the same time the perfect song to dance too/talk to the woman you love on.



‘GOD’s Strong wind for Love’ is a Jazz song that keeps it smooth and sexy; matter of fact, it reminds me of the type of song you will hear in a Jazz club that will get you in the right mood to talk to that women you been staring at all night (No love this time around). By the end of the song, you feel satisfied by its contributions, because each instrument brings something to the table that touches you in a different type of way. Overall, it’s exciting, it’s intriguing, and it gets your heart jumping in a way your heart probably hasn’t been jumping in years!



Once again, Melvin Fromm Jr. and his band has delivered three songs that reach the listeners ears in a dynamic way. He’s introduced a few new instruments this time around, giving listeners this trust that he can deliver the exact sound that we want to hear jazz-wise.

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