Roadcase Royale – Get Loud (Review & Stream)

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Roadcase Royale want changes, or it’s about to get loud in here! So if ya’ll don’t want any sprained ear drums, ya’ll better listen up!

I really like this track a lot. First off, the message is dope, as it discusses the cruelty that goes on in the world on a daily basis to certain types of individuals. You can hear the frustration in the singers voices line by line, which certainly resonates with me.

The lead singer on this song sounds absolutely phenomenal to me! A lot of times people have messages in their music, but vocally, they can’t quite reach the listeners souls because their voices aren’t strong enough – This is not a problem the lead singer has, as she has a voice that could probably move mountains.

‘Get Loud’ is heartwarming, intimidating, and very powerful! It is definitely a must listen.


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