Melvin Fromm Jr. – Heat Hot Plate Of Dreams (And More) (Review)

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The ever so talented Melvin Fromm Jr. continues his instrumental reign by releasing three new tracks that is sure to prepare you for an exciting, romantic, and active spring time!



‘Heat Hot Plate of Dreams’ gives off this stimulating feel, as the listeners are treated to a combination of lively guitars and heavy drums. I can see this song representing that moment in the spring time where the weather is nice, your time is free, and you have some really good company around you that is willing to have a little bit of fun.


‘Unicorn and Rainbow Life’ stays true to its title, as it is unique and has this dreamy sound to it that allows for your mind to wander a bit.

I love the emphasis of the violin on this song, because it brings out this smooth/romantic sound. I also feel like the violin gives listeners a chance to grab their partner for a dance, and sorta follow its tune.

I can see this particular song representing a romantic spring night in which you have a complete dinner setup with your love, and you enjoy it outdoors while looking at the stars.


If you thought that ‘Unicorn and Rainbow Life’ was romantic, this is romantic times 3! On this track, you are blessed with this stunning trumpet that takes you all around the world and back! I am truly impressed with the nostalgic sound that Melvin is able to achieve with his instruments, as it gives me a blast to the past of some of our great jazz music from back in the day.

This song represents another romantic spring dinner, but this time indoors at the most debonair restaurant you can think of. As you and your love dine on some beautifully setup food, you guys talk about the many exciting possibilities that the spring time might offer. While you are having this in depth discussion, you secretly analyze how beautiful your love is, and realize that spring time with them is all that matters.


These three tracks by Melvin Fromm Jr. has certainly amped me up for the many different experiences I am sure to encounter as spring emerges. In my mind, spring is a time for romance, it is time for the great outdoors, and most importantly, it is time for a little bit of fun! Each track serves as a soundtrack for these aspects, which is why I am so drawn to it. It seems like Melvin has a great understanding of all the emotions each instrument he uses can bring out of our souls, which is why I think he is just as much a mind reader as he is a musician.

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