Nicki Minaj continues to hammer home hits, as she absolutely shines on this new track with Lil Wayne and David Guetta. 


I hear more shots from Nicki to Remy on this song (Her shots just aren’t resonating with me), as she puts up another verse in which she’s trying too damn hard to say the tightest thing she can think of. I am impressed with Nicki’s singing though, as she is able to take the listener into this pop abyss that is full of cocaine usage (At least that’s what it sounds like to me). Nicki did a really good job in making a catchy pop record (or did PARTYNEXTDOOR write it?).

Lil Wayne has been useless as a feature for quite some time now, and I admit to turning off the song before his part came on….Ok, I felt bad for saying that, so I just listened to his part…I can now confirm that his being was useless on this song.

I like the song, but I like it more with cocaine in my system….. I’ve never done cocaine, so hypothetically speaking guys.