WizKid – Come Close (Ft. Drake) (Review & Stream)

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This is not only the top song on this album, but it is also one of the top songs this year to me!

It feels like there was good vibes all around during the making of ‘Come Closer’, as Wiz glides through the Dance-hall inspired track with this laid back demeanor. I absolutely love the flow that he uses on his verses, as he effortlessly gets his woman to recognize the superstar credentials that he has.

Drake wasn’t needed on this song, but the good news is he didn’t over power Wizkid at all. This is ‘Controlla’ Drake, so people will find his part very enjoyable.

What I like most about this song is that it forces you to get up and dance! There is such a positive tone to the record, eliminating any type of hate that may echo through the room you are currently in.


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