Melvin Fromm Jr. – Love Birds Plans For Life (& More)

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Melvin Fromm Jr.’s passion for music is refreshing! Every song he drops seems to be a soundtrack for some sort of feeling in us all, and I for one enjoy it! With three more songs under his belt, I look forward to hearing more soundtracks i can vibe to.



This is as sly as a song is going to get, as each instrument associated with the song gives off this sound that reminds you of broadway from way back in the past. You will love what it does for the mood of the room, just as much as you would love its carefully orchestrated sound.

Jazz music is certainly alive and well, and you are reminded of that by listening to this.


‘Strong Green Money Tree of Love’ is a smooth track that has a really good tempo to it. As usual, Melvin Fromm Jr. shows his ability to maximize the impact that a Violin can have on a song by using it effectively. The Violin dictates the mood of the song, which is effective in deciding which way it wants to take the listeners emotions. Luckily, Melvin is a good guy, so he only uses the Violin for good.

It can be easy to forget the impact that the drums has on this song, but don’t, because it is intricate in providing another sound that can be felt. Overall, it is good teamwork from each instrument on this song.


I really like the rhythm of this song, as it has this really good tempo attached to it. The one thing I really really like about this song though, is that is seems like it has many different phases to it: It gets really intense at times, and then seems to catch itself and smoothen out a little at other times. Each instrument involved in this song gets their chance to shine, almost reminding me of a soul train line for instruments.


Melvin Fromm Jr. introduces a few more instruments to the fray with these three new songs, showing that he has this ability to work with a wide variety of musical elements. Enjoy these three songs for its experimental sound, and play it over and over again to fully understand just how hard it is to orchestrate something this good.

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