I want to welcome The Marica Frequency band to The Ratings Game! They are a band from Cardiff, Wales that specialize in painting this abstract picture for their listeners through finely-orchestrated music.

Nothing but good comes from Cardiff, Wales, so I am more than excited to be wowed by their music!



This song is as soothing as it is going to get musically, as you are greeted with this outdoorish sound that reaches your soul as soon as you hit play. Marisa Frantz (The vocalist) eases her way into the track, providing this powerful sound that solidifies the hypnotizing experience for you. This song is theatrical, and a helluva an experience to listen to.


I cannot tell you how much I love this song. I know it has a chilling sound to it, but often times a successful chilling sound can translate to effective soulfulness.

Both Christopher John Evans and Marisa Frantz provide their vocals to the song, and their duet perfectly matches the tone of the instrumental. Their parts sorta remind me of a campfire song, where everyone just speaks their mind
about the troubles they have within’ themselves; who doesn’t have a few demons inside that they are battling?


This is the most remarkable song vocally out of the three. Marisa has the opening verse, and in it, she passionately discusses life without this special person around. Chris intervenes on the second verse, using some wise words to remind Marisa that he is here for her, and always will be. You can tell this whole episode ended in a happy ending, because there is this blooming sound that you get after Chris’s verse.

Overall, this track is magical in all aspects. You will find yourself engaged in the whole storybook feel of the song, and will get a chance to interpret the song in many different ways.


With these three songs, The Marica Frequency was able to establish this sound that vividly depicts the strong emotions you have for that person or thing you secretly love. Each song is unique in its own way, which shows their versatility in their field.

Overall, you will appreciate this band for its artistic mindset, and find yourself wanting to decode their every message.