Melvin Fromm Jr. – Make New Laws For Love (& More)

Finding good Jazz music is hard nowadays, which is why Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music has been quite a blessing for me lately. With these three new songs, not only does Melvin bring some beautiful Jazz to us, but he also creates a mood that we can all appreciate. 



‘Make New Laws For Love’ has such great energy to it, as each instrument on this song shines bright individually. As usual, the Violin stands out the most on this song, as each note that is played resonates greatly.

Overall, there is a really good tempo to this song, combined with great cohesion from all instruments involved.


‘Crazy Drills for Dreams’ is slow, laid back, and a bit spellbinding. The song relies on its campfire feel to reach the listeners, as a lulling guitar takes the lead while a slow paced drum follows.

I feel like this song is a good example on how Melvin enjoys reaching listeners with this hypnotizing sound.


This song is absolutely beautiful! As soon as it starts, you are treated to this boisterous trumpet. The Trumpet finds its way into your heart throughout the song, as its exuberance becomes more and more potent as the song goes by. Overall, I feel like the song understands its responsibility in being your therapeutic release.


These three songs by Melvin are really high in quality, which I feel has become Melvin Fromm Jr.’s MO. Time and time again. Melvin has proven that he has a great understanding of the instruments that are needed to create some good jazz music, and these three songs certainly deliver.

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