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Poe Hussle has entered the game with this confidence that jumps out your speakers, and you have no choice but to respect it. I feel like his transparent bars mixed with his animated vocals make for a helluva an experience for hip hop listeners everywhere. Check out what I think about three of his songs below.

SHE WANNA (4.7/5)

‘She Wanna’ is a club banger for sure! Once again, Poe gets it when it comes to the melody of a song, as he definitely allows himself to get lost in the overzealous trap beat. The song also has a nice little bounce to it, and is catchy as hell too.

Content-wise, Poe reminds the listeners that he is bout that life by confidently dropping lines about flossing, and the grind it took for him to be able to floss. His approach is definitely on some boss s–t, which makes it perfect for anyone that wants to hype themselves up before they go in to their local club.


‘Lost My Plug’ is Poe Hussles hit song, and I personally enjoy it a lot because we can finally relate to something (I lost my plug too! I found that s–t under the bed though).

The chorus follows in the footsteps of other spirited trap songs, but has this clever theme to it that differentiates itself from the other trap songs you would hear on the radio today.

I like the songs tempo, as Poe follows this consistent flow that is easy to follow and nod your head to.


You can tell that Poe Hussle has a good knack for passionate trap music, because he does a phenomenal job in providing the exact sounds the people want to hear from the music of today. I like how he loses himself on each beat he jumps on, being this rap rebel for the trials and tribulations that come along when you’re trying to get to the paper. I highly recommend you jump on the bandwagon.

Go ahead and follow Poe’s journey at:

instagram : @poehussle
twitter : @poehussle
snapchat : poehussle

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