Hip Hop

Machine Gun Kelly – Trap Paris (Ft. Quavo & Ty Dolla $ign) (Review & Stream)

Hearing a white person say the word ‘Trap’, is equivalent to hearing a black person say gnarly.

This songĀ sounds like something another artist other than Machine Gun Kelly will make; since he is on it, we are treated to a wild and crazy kid’s point of view to trappin’. While I think he exudes some great energy on his verse, I just don’t feel like his style matches the song.

Ty Dolla $ign has been able to make some really good commercial hooks, and this is another one of those! He takes his time laying down his savage lyrics, doing his best to show that heĀ can produce fire even when he’s being laid back.

I honestly cannot tell you an artist out right now that has more swag than Quavo. Quavo navigates through this song with this coolness that sounds a lot more natural than Machine’s does.

If you replace Machine Gun with Travis Scott, I think you will have a hit.



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