TLC – Way Back (Ft. Snoop Dogg) (Review & Stream)

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Contrary to this being a weird ass collaboration, this song is actually a pretty damn good!

I’ve always thought TLC was the closest thing to lady pimps in this world, and this song is the perfect proof to my theory. Chili and the Boz navigate through the song with this impressive swag, taking command of the beat with their cold/historic vocals.

So when I say pimp right, who do you think of in the rap game? Uncle Snoop for sure right (and maybe Young Dro)? Yea he’s on the song, and he is that last stamp of pimpin’ approval the song needs. Whoever decided to put him on this song is pure genius.

I like it! Very good song, and one that doesn’t sound like one of those corny comeback songs either.


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