Big Boi – Kill Jill (Ft. Jeezy & Killer Mike)

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Leave it to Big Boi to create an absolutely hyped up track that is based off an Asian woman singing in the background.

Big Boi, Killer Mike and Jeezy all share the limelight on this song equally, as they each go hard on their respective parts. killer Mike goes the hardest, reminding us that Donkey Kong can spit flames whenever he wants to.

Something about the choppy style Big Boi is rapping with is so appealing to me nowadays! I swear, sounding like a skipping CD is in now.

This might be one of the better Jeezy choruses to come out in a while.


2 thoughts on “Big Boi – Kill Jill (Ft. Jeezy & Killer Mike)

  1. That wasn’t technically an asian woman singing in the background. It was actually an anime sample believe it or not from an automated computer girl named hatsune miku. Never has anyone ever used a sample like this.

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