Melvin Fromm Jr. – Big Bright Heaven Love, Hit In Legs Dreams & Hope Gusty Winds For Dreams (Review)

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The Most consistent musician I know continues to prove that his reign in Jazz music is no fluke. With these three new songs, listeners will continue to be amazed by Melvin’s skills, as he expands on his already impressive resume.




‘Big Bright Heaven Love’ is nothing less than electrifying, as Melvin is able to serenade us with heavy guitar play and bombastic drumming. More than anything, this would be an awesome song to use as an alarm, as it has this feel to it that could be perfect for getting your day started. I’ve always thought that energy is one of music’s biggest pluses, and there is lots of it here.


This is very beautiful Jazz music by Melvin! It is soothing, it is dynamic, and the contributions from the trumpet are absolutely stunning. Aside from that, there is a really good tempo attached to this song, as Melvin is able to smoothly mesh a few instruments together that go well with each other.

This might be my favorite Melvin Fromm Jr. song to date.


With so much fun being had on the first two songs, it was fitting that Melvin tapped into our deep emotions on this one.

On ‘Hope Gusty Winds For Dreams’, Melvin slows things down slower than I’ve ever heard him do. The song gives off a very dramatic feel, as you are treated to a chilling violin contribution and lethargic drumming. More than anything, I see this as a song that depicts heartbreak and sorrow.


Out of all the submittals I’ve received from Melvin, this set of three were my favorite. I feel like I connect with them, as they all represent characteristics of who i am. This is always a great thing when someone’s music can do that for you.

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