Melvin Fromm Jr. – Happy Ever After Love (& More)

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Melvin Fromm Jr. has been hammering home some very good music in the last couple of months, and these three new songs are great additions to his overall catalog.



‘Big Wishes Big Hopes for Love’ is a sensual track by Melvin Fromm Jr. in which he is able to capture this dynamic sound through a few of his go-to instruments. What I love most about this song, is that it has a nice mixture of emotions attached to it: The Violin creates this passionate sound, while the uptempo drumming helps in livening up the mood.

Definitely a track that you can play in many different romantic settings.


‘Happy Ever After Love’  has an extremely soothing sound to it, as it reminds me of the perfect song for a Cowboy!

The song will draw you in almost immediately, as it sorta has this hypnotizing sound to it.

I can see this being the perfect summer night song, as


‘Lost Credit Card Of Dreams’ is exciting, it’s fun, and it is very dynamic! You can tell the song was made for this big time party, which means that it should be played loud and proud!

Much like his other songs, Melvin is able to utilize both the Guitar and drums masterfully on this song. Each instrument seems to compliment each other very well, which tells me that Melvin really took his time in putting it together.

I really enjoy music like this, because its ability to uplift is potent.


As I’ve stated before, Melvin knows the importance Jazz music can have on the soul, so he continues to make very good Jazz music for us to listen to. Enjoy these three songs as timeless music, and continue to listen to it over and over to understand just how difficult it is to achieve what Melvin was able to achieve with these songs.

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