Smoove Boy J – Chill Bill Freestyle (Review & Stream)

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Smoove Boy J is an up and coming rapper from the Bronx that is determined to show people he is worthy of hip hop fame. On this freestyle over the infamous ‘Chill Bill’ beat, Smoove raps circles around anyone who doubts his skills on the mic.

This beat has always reminded me of some Snow White s–t, but for some reason I think it is tough as hell! Anyway, Smoove gives the song a different feel than Rob Stone did, as he approaches the beat with more heinousness lyrically. His tongue twisting flow works on this beat, and when you combine that with his occasional choppy flow, you get a good mixture of rap styles here.

Smoove’s wordplay is also very impressive, as he uses some real clever s–t to describe what he’s all about. He doesn’t hold back in his content, catching the ears of listeners with his unapologetic mindset.

All in all, in this short sample size, I hear this hungry artist that is ready to spit over anything to prove his worth.  I expect big things from him.


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