Brielle Von Hugel – Stronger (Exodus x Sweet & Sour Remix) (Ft. B.o.B) (Review & Stream)

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Brielle Von Hugel is a talented singer that wins fans over with her sassy/unapologetic style. One of Brielle’s biggest songs to date is called ‘Stronger’, and it is an ode to only the toughest individuals out there. While the original version of ‘Stronger’ already has this ability to invigorate, she has remixed it, and made it even more explosive for listeners!

I absolutely love the energy of this song! Production-wise, you are treated to this exuberant sound that I think is perfect for any lounge, bar, club, or TGI Friday!

On Brielle’s verses, she talks about putting up this fight, and you can hear her passion/aggression on every word that she delivers. To me, her part makes you feel like you are going on this emotional journey with her that will ultimately end in some sort of trophy being given at the end.

B.o.B.’s verse on this song is phenomenal! I feel like he compliments Brielle’s energy well, as he decides to tackle the track with more of a simplified approach than hers. He flows well on the song, as he knows exactly how to take advantage of the dynamic beat.

This is a really good song!  Matter of fact, I’ve already run this song back about 24 times while writing this review.


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