Majid Jordan – Phases (Review & Stream)

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I got a legit question for ya’ll: Where the hell does Drake find all these sappy artists from? Is there some island that sappy ass people come from that Drake is doing his recruiting? He is the John Calipari of finding sappy ass talent.

Him and Nick Jonas got that ‘Speak out of your nose’ voices that sounds so funny to me! Someone needs to give them, Ty Dolla Sign and Nick Jonas a Kleenex.

Contrary to my rants, this is a very dope song to listen to! It has this 80’s feel to it, combined with a very catchy hook. Speaking of the hook, the duo (Yes I too just found out it is two of them) says it over and over again to end the song.

Thanks for giving us a break from the sap for a minute Majid!


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