Rocky Jones – Single For The Summer, Energy & Baby Don’t Change (Reviews)

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If you don’t know who Rocky Jones is, all you need to know is that he’s a rapper from Trenton NJ that got more bars then a jail cell. On these three songs below, Rocky raps over a smooth R&B beat, a famous Drake beat, and a summertime gem.




‘Baby Don’t Change’ is a R&B inspired track by Rocky made for all the bedroom aggressors.

As gentle as the song sounds production-wise, Rocky didn’t change his aggression on it, as he still sounds like the ruthless Jersey MC we are all accustom to. Content-wise, Rocky keeps it 100 with his woman, as he lets her know that he can do the little things in the relationship to keep her happy. It’s a real n–a approach from him, making this a very relatable song to any dude that is currently in a relationship.

This is one of those songs that expands on Rocky’s musical versatility.


ENERGY (5/5)

‘Energy’ by Drake is a hard song to remix, but with Rocky’s lyrical ability, I feel like he held his own on it.

Lets use a boxing metaphor for this review: You know how boxers jump up and down to warm up as their opponent is walking to the ring? That’s how i feel Rocky was in the booth as the Energy beat started to build up. As the beat showed its complete face, Rocky immediately began attacking it, throwing out heinous rhymes about s–t he would do to his opponents when his back is against the wall. At this time, he matched the ferocity of the beat, creating this intimidation factor instantly. After he is done throwing all his haymakers, you can hear this cockiness from him, as he now knows even the most heavyweight beat isn’t a challenge to him. Rocky Mayweather?


Summers around the corner, and Rocky made the perfect anthem for the fellas to get hyped to before going to a day party.

The flow Rocky is rapping with on this song is marvelous, as he rides the celebratory beat with such ease. You can hear the joy in Rocky’s voice, as he’s fresh off a breakup and ready to apply for a seasonal job as a gigolo.

You can tell by the way Rocky is rapping on this song that his mission was to make every word he spews resonate. As he raps his verses, you will find yourself waiting to see how each bar ends, and as expected, he delivers.

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