Tory Lanez & Dave East – Out Of Center (Review & Stream)

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Two dudes that would most likely show up in a police lineup have decided to release a record together.

Kinda surprisingly, this song is really old school hip hop sounding (And surprising because I thought Dave would want to actually collaborate with a real MC on a song like this). With that being said, Tory might actually beat Dave on this song, hitting us with an impressive verse in which he shows off a very unflappable flow.

You know what I like about Dave East’s raps? He’s very descriptive when he talks about his little hood stories. I know that sounds very simple, but it stands out to me for some reason. Dave be describing down to the sneeze when he talks about s–t.

I respect the back and forth between both artists, reminding me of two homies on the steps telling stories from the other day.


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