(STGMAU- Vol. 1) Nas – Just A Moment (Ft. Quan) (Review & Stream)

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in a brand new series I will do everyday, i bring to you: “The Song that got my ass up this morning’!

I honestly thought that Quan was the next best thing in hip hop back in 2002. Quan sung, he rapped, and had this aurora to him that the streets could feel. On this song, all his skills came into fruition, as he painted this gritty picture of making it out the hood. His verse/chorus was so good that even Nas the legend had to take a back seat to him.

Nas was great on this song, as he played the mentor to Quan. Nothing too flashy about his lyrics, just a nice little filler verse to let the people know he had something to do with the songs greatness.

Peep the video! This was when Nas was a little on the chunky side….


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