Julia McDonald is an indie pop singer from Orlando, Florida that is refreshingly pure in her approach to music. While her genre is classified as pop, she has this style that goes beyond that, adding this youthful flavor to her music that stands out to me. 

‘Gravity’ is just as gentle as it is electrifying; Her voice is just pleasureful as it is aggressive…. It almost seems like Julia was able to make a song that blended in contradictions musically, an aspect I believe takes time and skill to master.

I love how open Julie is with her words, as she talks about her feelings for this lost guy. At times, Julia sounds angry, but at the same time shes precise with her words (Meaning she’s not speaking out of anger). You can tell singing is her way to vent about heartbreak, and fortunately for us, it translate to music gold.

The songs honesty/bravery/openness will certainly appeal to you when you hear this song.