Imani Wj Wright – Make Me (Review & Stream)


I think very highly of Imani Wj Wright, as he impressed me with his vocals on his prior two releases (‘Window’ and ‘Appreciation‘). In those songs, Imani killed em softly with his serenading – this time around, he shows his ability to mix this non-chalant style with some passionate vocals.

As soon as the beat drops, Imani delivers this hook that immediately lets the listeners know that this is going to be a real a– track from him. He follows this steady tempo on it, calmly discussing how this special person made him feel some type of way.

On the verses, Imani begins to emphasize how much he appreciates this special person by harmonizing some words. As usual, his voice will resonate with you, as he is able to convey this sound that truly feels magical.

I find this song to be extremely dynamic, as Imani is able to exert many different moods into the songs schema. His overall thoughts sound very authentic to me, which is why speaking from the heart always wins when it comes to painting a certain feeling.


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