Capricanno – Drunk Thoughts Lingering (Review & Stream)

Capricanno is an Electronic rapper that doesn’t mind speaking his mind about the things that are going on around him. With his new project called ‘Deep Thoughts Fade’, you get a chance to enter into his zany world full of panties, virtual cheating, and drugs with dogs (yikes). One of the standout tracks on this album to me is “Drunk Thoughts lingering’, and it features this psychedelic sound that I think most will find extremely interesting to listen to.

With the beat being fairly simple, you get a chance to hear Capricanno go berserk with limited background interruption. (FYI, anytime you give a drunk guy a chance to talk with limited interruption, you will hear some outlandish s–t.)

On Cap’s verses, I love how he is able to combine some random ass lyrics with unpredictable animation from line to line. When it’s all said and done, Cap will convince you that he is this drunk knowledgable guy that is smarter than us all. While being drunk is usually synonymous with slurred speech and incoherentness (At least my drunk is), in this particular instance, you get some pretty solid 16’s from Cap that is highlighted by great wordplay.

I feel like rappers that are able to create this unique persona when they spit are the most interesting to listen to, and Capricanno definitely does that here. You will love Cap’s energy on this song, and will find his unorthodox style of rapping to be quite riveting.


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