Hip Hop

Big Boi – In The South (Review & Stream)

Big Boi, Gucci Mane, and Pimp C might go down as southern legends in terms of outrageous characters.

This is the theme song for a pimp from Mississippi! I can easily see a pimp making a club entrance to this song.

Gucci opens the song up rapping slowly to match the beat. Even though I get this pimpish feel from the song, Gucci is still talking about his gun arsenal (Don’t you just love Gucci?).

Pimp C is on the chorus, and he pretty much provides us with his stretched out southernly animated sound. I feel like it sounds like every single chorus he’s done in his life, but that’s ok cause it is still legendary.

Big Boi comes out spitting hard on this s–t, mixing this slow paced flow with a fast one. Big Boi definitely gives an inspired verse content-wise too, talking about how they doubted the south and now how we all looked stupid…. Being an east coaster, I definitely had to raise my hand on that one.

This isn’t quite ‘International Players Anthem’, but it does have that same feel.



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