Rocky Jones – If It Ain’t About The Money, I Got It & Trap N–az (Review & Stream)

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Rocky Jones is prepping to release his first official single of the year in ‘Single for the Summertime’, a track that is bound to blow up in the next couple of weeks. But it isn’t all glamour and fun out here for Rocky, as he decided to release some tough ass tracks that keeps the streets fed.





Over a slowed up version of the Thugger hit ‘If It Ain’t About The Money’, Rocky spits some sly raps about the ballerific life that he’s gotten accustom to from the last couple of years. It amazes me how easily the bars are coming out from him, making a song that is not necessarily lyrical an enjoyable tough record.

I GOT IT (5/5)

‘I Got It’ has this gutter sound that was created for Rocky’s persona. You will definitely enjoy the flash back in time the song gives off, reminding you that old school hip hop will always rain supreme.

Rocky takes advantage of the bop that the production provides by dropping jewels on every single rhyme. He mixes in some real s–t with his past drug dealing ways, delivering something inspiring to his fans all over.

I think the hook on this song is very dope! It just reminds me of a few homies chillin’ on the footsteps in the block having a quick cypher.

 TRAP N—AZ (5/5)

I’m lovin’ Rocky’s flow on this song, as he spits out bars so effortlessly on it.  You’ll find yourself dangling your head from right to left, as Rocky finds the perfect words/flow/animation to use over the classic trap beat.

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