Vic Mensa – The Manuscript (4 Track Review)

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With all these guys droppin’ four track EP’s, I gotta have a new section called ‘4 track reviews’! Anyway, Vic Mensa seems like a pretty intelligent guy that tends to get distracted by the sinful distractions that Chicago brings. As he continues to evolve as an artist, he is kind enough to document those changes on little projects like this one.





‘Almost There’ is that ultimate come back song that plays like a letter to his true fans. On it, Vic raps tough, using nice wordplay and heavy hitting lyrics to describe why he belongs in the game for good.

Mr. Hudson is on the song as a feature, and he completes the whole homecomingish sound of the track.

OMG (3.8/5)

‘OMG’ features Pusha T and Pharrell, and as you can imagine, it is quirky as hell when it comes to Pharrell’s part. Vic Mensa makes a statement on this track lyrically, sounding as confident as any artist in the game.

It is always great to hear Pusha on a song, regardless if he talks about the same s–t all the time. While his slick/mob talk ways are pretty different for the style of the song, I do think it is still good for the song.

Why do I feel like Pusha takes shots at Wayne on every song?


I do not think these are the type of songs that Vic shines on, as it is too dumbed down for my liking… Nonetheless, the song is still very hyped, with Vic harmonizing over a rockstar inspired beat.

RAGE (4.5/5)

In the original version of Kanye West’s ‘Wolves’, Vic handled a good chunk of the emotions; this song isn’t quite ‘Wolves’, but it has that same dramatic feel.

Vic sings pretty well on this song, distinguishing himself from the rugged version of himself you find on most of the EP. You do get a rap verse from Vic in the middle of the song, and that verse is a very inspired one. Vic knew a song like this would have to contain a tough ass verse, and that was exactly the outcome.

This song is probably the most talented effort from him.



You know what is scary? Vic Mensa REALLY reminds me of J. Cole on this EP! Him and Cole rap with a similar arrogance, and also have this underdog mentality to them that allows them to tell their ‘Sideline stories’ very effectively. Here is the difference between Vic and Cole to me: Cole has truly established his sound in the game, and Vic hasn’t quite yet. I think as time passes (and people start to care), we will appreciate Vic more for his artistry, because I think his music should be discussed and dissected just as much as rocked to. All in all, the talent is there, he just needs to make that one major record that opens doors for people to back and listen to his old s–t.


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