Calvin Harris – Feels (Ft. Pharrell, Katy Perry & Big Sean) (Review & Stream)

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Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled are competing to see who can get the biggest stars on their upcoming s–t….

The production on this song is similar to Casino lands music on Sonic The Hedgehog….

Pharrell grabs the song by its goofy ass arms almost immediately, dropping this disco sound that is chilling to listen to. No one is saying Pharrell has the greatest voice of all time, but he’s definitely up there when it comes to voices that can resonate with you.

Katy’s part isn’t extensive, but it’s good enough to say “HEY that’s Katy Perry!” (I really like this saying for simple features… I said it earlier today in the Thugger album review.)

Big Sean’s quirky ass is the PERFECT feature for this song! He relies on his superior wordplay to satisfy the rap part of this song, trying his hardest to infuse any type of gangsta sound that he can.

This song is a big ass bowl of fruit loops.


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