Cassidy – Be Humble – Mask Off Freestyle (Review & Stream)

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You know what’s crazy? I just listened to Cassidy’s first album today, and the standout to me was ‘My Interpretation’ in which Cassidy rhymes with one word; part of this freestyle mimics that style.

Cassidy definitely came hard on this freestyle, sounding just as hungry as he was on day 1 of his career. I’ve always felt Cassidy has had this knack for squeezing a bunch of words together like a can of sardines, and this is exactly what you get on the ‘Humble’ part of this song.

‘Mask Off’ has Cassidy sounding like an Antagonist! He doesn’t rap as conventional as you’re used to at first, but eventually he imposes his style on the beat.

Is this the beginning of some new s–t from Cass?


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