Cyhi The Prynce – Movin’ Around (Ft. ScHoolboy Q) (Review & Stream)

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Is it pronounced ‘SY-HI’ or ‘SY HEE’? Either way, he might have dropped a hit.

There was once a time that I got CyHi mixed up with Travis Scott on ‘Cruel Summer’, but that was long ago, as Travis has elevated to star status since then. Just because CyHi ain’t Travis doesn’t mean he lacks potential folks! On this song, CyHi sings, he raps (squeakily), and talks about them drug numbers pretty impressively.

ScHoolboy Q is such a real one to me! He ain’t with all the flashy raps, instead mobbin’ whenever he gets the chance to. Q sounds like he wants to start singing on his verse, but changes his mind when he sees his goon homey staring at him with the ‘f–k you doing?’ look.

I didn’t know that CyHi was capable of making a well rounded song like this.


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