Demi Lovato fully ditches her Disney channel persona to channel a powerfully sexy scorned woman in “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Catchy and soulful are two words to describe Demi’s new song; I’m not even mad at my man, but I surely did give him some undue attitude after listening to this song (complete with neck and eye rolling).

From the beginning of the song where it starts out saying “payback is a bad b*tch and baby I’m the baddest,” until the end of the song, Demi had me hooked! She unapologetically teases an ex-lover about that fact that he will never get a second

chance to be with her, and I love it!

Although breakups can be messy and often depressing, Demi shows just how crucial confidence and self-worth are in that type of situation in her music video above!

Demi Lovato has listed Keri Hilson as one of her direct influences in the past, and you can really hear that in this song. This is a song that I can imagine listening to five years from now and still enjoying like I’m hearing it for the first time. Men and women alike seem to be going crazy for “Sorry Not Sorry” and rightfully so, it has all of the components of lasting success!