Novel “Hooly” Da’ Goat – Choppa, This Right Here & Young Ass Kids (Reviews)

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Novel “Hooly” Da’ Goat has shown great versatility to me with all his releases, literally creating every type of hip hop sounding record you can think of. With these three new songs, Novel continues to expand on his catalog, imposing his will on any type of beat that you provide him with.




‘Young Ass Kids’ is this dramatic song by Novel in which he tells several stories of the kids in the streets. The production is pretty cinematic, as the base of the song consists of smooth drums and riveting piano notes.

Novel doesn’t hold back in his lyrics at all, telling both horrifying and agonizing stories galore. I like Novel’s approach to the track, as it is gentle but still assertive enough to reach into the listeners souls.

This is a real ass record from Novel.



‘This Right Here’ is the perfect hood anthem, as Novel dedicates a song to all the real ones out there.

I’ve always felt like Novel has this ability to grab the attention of the street n—as, and on this song, this is more than evident. Novels lyrics resonate, as he vividly lays down the right words to get the like-minded individuals amped up.

With Novel rapping with this slow pace on his verses, he created sound that is easy to rap-a-long with. Even if you disagree with Novel’s lifestyle choices, you can still enjoy the song for its authentic sound.

CHOPPER (4.7/5)

Of course you knew ‘Chopper’ was going to be some tough s–t, as Novel teams up with Bino to create this intimidating record that is pretty lyrical.

Bino has a good chunk of the responsibilities on this song, as he lays down the first verse, and delivers this tough ass chorus. Bino tends to rap with this laid back style, and he does that here mixing in street s–t with a little bit of flossin’ talk.

Novel hops on the track like a pitbull, throwing out bars both quickly and heinously. Lyrically, Novel makes it clear that you never want to test a dude with a chopper, describing the terroristic thoughts that he wants to inflict on his foes.

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