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Cel Air Man – Barnum & Baileys (Review & Stream)

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Cel Air Man is one of those rappers that is not afraid to be that one villain in the room.  Cel Air’s style is dark, it’s unapologetic, and most of all it’s unique. With this new track called Barnum and Bailey, Cel Air created this catchy trap song that is perfect for some Halloween in the summer.

The flow that Cel Air Man is rapping with is dynamic, as he switches from slow to fast almost seamlessly. On his verses, Cel Air reminds individuals the type of savage that he is, and that is one that rolls with people that are like him (which are people that are ready to go belligerent on their foes.).

With so many different variations of trap music dominating the airwaves these days, Cel Air decided to deliver this wicked sound that is different from everyone else out (that’s refreshing).

Check out his whole mixtape HERE



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